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About us

Immediad Group is a specialist company supplying digital media & IT and consultancy services for intelligent screen networks and the digital signage market. We develop and host software, design hardware, create content and offer our refined knowledge to clients through our local business units.

Over the years, we have honed our extensive understanding of software development, system integration and software services. That knowledge is constantly growing in accordance with the market for industrial computers and public screen technologies.

Every day, our IMM Software Suite helps companies to distribute their digital content in an innovative but easy way.

Through these products and competencies, we offer innovative digital signage solutions that are anchored in our clients’ individual needs, business challenges and budgets. We strengthen our clients’ digital communication through our entrepreneurial spirit and a well-organized turnkey solution.

Our people and partnerships are our most valuable assets. We stick to the fundamental principles in life – respect for other people and their cultures, honesty and integrity.

We avoid failure by continuously learning from our mistakes. We continue to develop new ideas and products that can bring great value to our customers; this pushes us forward daily.

We combine our skills and experiences

Immediad Group has more than years of experience with digital communication in the following areas.

  • Retail Stores
  • Public institutions
  • Private companies
  • Clinics


To bring you a solution that makes your digital communication alive, dynamic and effective

We combine our skills and experiences

At Immediad Group, we understand the principles that go into a well defined solutions and we focus on how to deliver a user-friendly solution that saves time and money. Your journey starts with our graphic designer.

Contact us for a no obligation talk about how to tailor an effective solution to meet your needs.

Let us deliver better display solutions

With more than years of experience in this field, we are the leading supplier of digital display solutions where Immediad Group is present. We guarantee you a display solution that is anchored in quality and a professional business approach.