Digital meeting room display

Booking meetings has never been easier

Digital meeting room display

When you manage your facilities and office resources more efficiently, you’ll see a positive impact on your bottom line. 

We offer a booking solution that empowers employees to book resources such as meeting rooms, workstations, vehicles and break-out zones right from their desks.

Save time, save money and better manage your resources

You and your colleagues will save time because everything is centrally managed by our core system Campaign Manager, accessible and easy to use. Your organization will save money because your meeting resources will be better managed.

Who will benefit?

Virtually all organizations with meeting rooms benefit from this service. From start-ups to international conglomerates, private and public companies, hotels to hospitals. If you have meeting rooms, Immediad Group can help you to increase efficiency, reduce cost and eliminate waste of meeting resources.

How it works

Now, at a glance, everyone can see what meetings are happening – when and where – on a display at any meeting room, in reception or from your Outlook calendar. You can interact with our display easily, without any training – you already know how to use it!

What’s more, it’s centrally managed, so you can change display content. Report faults quickly and manage resources, whether you’re across the corridor or across the world.

The meeting room display from Immediad Group is a comprehensive meeting planning and display solution. It dynamically illustrates what’s on, when a room is booked, when the room is free, what the meeting is about, and who is hosting the meeting.

One solution, four options

Meeting room

What’s happening now? Is the room free for a spontaneous meeting? All information is displayed right at the door. Anybody can see what’s going on in the room and when it will be free.


If you have clusters of meeting rooms, our meeting room booking system can be set up to show which rooms are available or busy. You can direct delegates or participants to the correct meeting or event.


A large display in your reception area will show arrivals the events of the day and where they need to go. It saves time for reception staff. Everything is obvious.


Find an available meeting room on your smartphone fast and then book it at the doorway, just by tapping the display. No more hunting around for a space.

Meeting room display

Immediad Group offers high-quality meeting room displays with power-saving technology and a unique software package. Our Meeting Room Display Solutions is easy to use and with minimize operation costs.

Go a step further with Immediad Software Suite and start managing content on digital information displays.

It is easy and it makes sense!

We combine our skills and experiences

At Immediad Group, we understand the principles that go into a well defined solutions and we focus on how to deliver a user-friendly solution that saves time and money. Your journey starts with our graphic designer.

Contact us for a no obligation talk about how to tailor an effective solution to meet your needs.

Let us deliver better display solutions

With more than years of experience in this field, we are the leading supplier of digital display solutions where Immediad Group is present. We guarantee you a display solution that is anchored in quality and a professional business approach.

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