Your important message


One of the most important aspects of digital signage is the content. The core message, your important message. In addition to an intelligent digital network and a effecient hardware platform a team of creative professionals are standing by to aid you with your digital visual communication.
We want to help you to create smart, effective and beautiful content to be rendered out on your displays and targeting your clients effectively. As your message comes across, great value for your company is generated and this is something you can’t just get off the shelf. It takes brainwork, creativity and craftsmanship. This is simply what we want, great value for your business.

Here are some of the skills of the creative team

Online and Web
Printed stuff

2D/3D graphics
Coding & programming

Motion design
Graphic design

Art Direction
Strategical consultation

We combine our skills and experiences

At Immediad Group, we understand the principles that go into a well defined solutions and we focus on how to deliver a user-friendly solution that saves time and money. Your journey starts with our graphic designer.

Contact us for a no obligation talk about how to tailor an effective solution to meet your needs.

Let us deliver better display solutions

With more than years of experience in this field, we are the leading supplier of digital display solutions where Immediad Group is present. We guarantee you a display solution that is anchored in quality and a professional business approach.