A solid display solution

With relevant information presented in a comprehensive way


Allow us to help you using our expertise in developing intelligent Infoboard solutions with relevant information presented in a comprehensive way.

From our perspective, an Infoboard is not just a screen with nice content. It’s about developing a relevant content plan which can help you strengthen your communication now and in the future.

If you are considering implementing our Infoboard system, ask yourself: what is the overall objective and how would I/we best achieve these? Is your content plan anchored in your overall communication strategy?

Once the hardware solution has been found, the implementation of a digital Infoboard system should not be difficult, but to identify the measurable values of having an Infoboard system is not an easy task.

Let our specialists transfer your retail enterprise

At Immediad Group, we have the expertise to guide you through all processes and make sure that we will fulfill your needs. We do this in a step-by-step approach. Always with a smile, we ensure that you reach a positive impact with your digital infoboard solution, with crystal clear benefits to you and your business.

Easy management

Our web-based content management system can be easily operated by those with limited computer skills.

Solutions for your business

Our digital Infoboard solution can be integrated into other software systems such as intranet, your calendar system, and many others.

We are able to develop the infoboard that fits your design and identity.

We install digital Infoboard solutions across countries. Through our cloud service, we can easily support your system with on-line support and with different language options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with our step-by-step approach.

We combine our skills and experiences

At Immediad Group, we understand the principles that go into a well defined solutions and we focus on how to deliver a user-friendly solution that saves time and money. Your journey starts with our graphic designer.

Contact us for a no obligation talk about how to tailor an effective solution to meet your needs.

Let us deliver better display solutions

With more than years of experience in this field, we are the leading supplier of digital display solutions where Immediad Group is present. We guarantee you a display solution that is anchored in quality and a professional business approach.