Large Video Wall for monitoring national traffic

The Danish Road Directorate operates the national Traffic Centre that monitors and manages road traffic across the country 24/7 to ensure a safe and efficient traffic. The physical shape of the Traffic Centre is a brand new and technologically advanced control centre NASA style, but in a Nordic, minimalistic design. A large, curved Video Wall dominates the circular shaped control centre. This Video Wall was developed and delivered by Immediad Denmark. Immediad was engaged in the project during the specification stage and has collaborated closely with the Road Directorate on the ensuing projecting, installation, testing and operationalization. The project was completed on time and budget in October 2015 despite a tight schedule – and the screen has been operating flawlessly since then. The project consists of the main Video Wall, a smaller copy for training and backup purposes together with a software package allowing all employees to easily reshuffle the contents of the Video Wall, to be able to monitor more closely for example a traffic queue or an accident. Interesting specs of the Video Wall:
  • Main wall is 10 meters wide and 2 meters high
  • Main wall is placed 1 meter from the wall, following the circular shape of the wall
  • Maintenance and replacement of unit in the Video Wall is easily done from the backside
  • Easily adjustable light to match the natural light from the outside
  • Backup/training wall is 4,35 meters wide and 1 meter high
  • Backup/training wall is height-adjustable and movable
  • Both Video Walls are mounted on a custom-designed structure of high quality Swiss aluminum
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