Private industries

Long track record delivering digital solutions to the private sector

Private industries

Immediad Group is serving private industries with our sector knowledge and solid experience. We offer a unique – and yet easy to operate – software solution, which we combine with professional energy-saving LED displays

Our solution has been designed and developed so users spend less time operating the system and less time servicing and supporting the system. Together with Immediad’s energy-saving robust hardware platform, we provide a solution and a foundation that positively impact budgets and reduce stress for users and IT staff.

A cloud-based content management system from immediad group

Here, we appreciate the need of private companies to disseminate information to customers and/or to employees. Our content management solution is both innovative and very logic. Therefore, both administrators, super users and regular users find it easy to use, making implementation of the solution in your organization quite smooth.
Our software solutions and support program are designed and developed to meet the following criteria:

  • Easy to access
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to handle content
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to integrate into other IT systems
  • Support as and when staff needs it.


We have more than years of experience

Immediad Group has more than years of experience with digital communication in retail stores. Today our consultancy helps brand owners, major retail owners and malls around the world to strengthen their digital communication. This is anchored by a well-prepared plan with you. Our common goal is to increase the shopping experience in retail, influence buying decisions and increase product sales. Our Immediad™Live technology is an effective tool to achieve these goals.

We are working on all levels

Immediad Group is working on all levels in retail. We know that it is a competitive environment for developing new high-impact, low-cost promotional concepts. Therefore, we take care of everything from the creation of digital promotion concepts for large brands to the installation work and technical support of installations at shop level – not to forget graphic design and production of spots! This makes decreases your burden and increases your time to focus on sales and profit.

Read more about our In-store Display Solutions.



Informing patients and supporting the medical sector

The use of information technology in the healthcare sector is rapidly expanding from applications in treatment rooms to waiting areas, where millions of patients spend valuable time each day.
Healthcare professionals around the world continuously try to find ways to reduce the burden of supplying repetitive information to their patients.
Public healthcare organizations search for ways to communicate health information to the public.

Private clinics seek ways to communicate and market their treatments to patients in order to increase their knowledge.
Immediad™ Group is the leading provider of patient information systems on electronic infoboards for waiting areas in the healthcare sector. Millions of patients are familiar with our concept Healthcare Channel™, seen in hospitals, at dentists and general practitioners. Healthcare Channel™ is an online media combining relevant health information with practical information from the clinic. The update of information is easily maintained by cloud based content management system.

Immediad Group has worked out a unique library of health-related content that helps dental clinics and general practitioners to communicate relevant and professional content in patient waiting areas.


We deliver a wide range of professional digital display solutions

Digital information screens serve many different purposes in many different areas of company buildings. Whether the purpose is internal information for the staff or external information for guests in a reception area, a digital display solution from Immediad Group is worth considering.

Given the right approach and a content strategy, implementing digital information screens will bring new life to your messages and stories by providing staff and guests with relevant and dynamic content. Content, which is easily and smoothly uploaded and updated.

Immediad Group provides a wide range of digital display solutions such as digital information boards for receptions, way-finding solutions, and advanced meeting room solutions.

To find a solution matching your situation, we kindly ask you to browse through all our display solutions at our small display solutions and LED Screens.

A partner that works in close relationship with our customers

Whether you represent a small or large corporation, you team up with an IT and media solution provider, who understands the processes of efficient digital communication. You will find us ready to accept new challenges; also when involving new innovative and complicated solutions, integration into other IT systems, large network roll-outs also across boarders or even a standard solutions.

We combine our skills and experiences

At Immediad Group, we understand the principles that go into a well defined solutions and we focus on how to deliver a user-friendly solution that saves time and money. Your journey starts with our graphic designer.

Contact us for a no obligation talk about how to tailor an effective solution to meet your needs.

Let us deliver better display solutions

With more than years of experience in this field, we are the leading supplier of digital display solutions where Immediad Group is present. We guarantee you a display solution that is anchored in quality and a professional business approach.

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